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San Segundo, patron Saint of the City

May 2 is the celebration of the pilgrimage of San Segundo, patron saint of the city, commemorating the transfer of the saint's remains to the Avila cathedral in 1594.

Various traditions are linked to these festivities, such as the procession to the hermitage in which the civil and mil- itary authorities accompany the saint, the youngest council member carries the flag or Bandera de los Voluntarios de Ávila.

A distinctive note is the image offered by the maceros in traditional clothing from this period and with real silver mallets. No less interesting is the fact that dur-
ing the celebration of the solemn mass in the cathedral, the city flag is placed on the main altar.

In the Romanesque hermitage of San Segundo, pilgrims celebrate the feast day, venerating the saint with the hope that he will grant them one of three wishes. In order to do this, they must introduce a handker-chief, which must be of cloth, in an orifice of the sculpture of the praying saint, work of Juan de Juni, and touch the urn, which according to tradition contained the remains of the patron saint.

Fiestas de San Segundo