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Church of Madonna of Sonsoles

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The opening times and prices of the monuments are set by each establishment.

This church stands on the southern edge of the Amblés Valley and offers an excellent view of the town and the valley itself, of which the Madonna is the patron saint.

The church appears in records as from 1480, when the widow of Núñez Arnalte, the treasurer of the Catholic Monarchs, assumed the cost of what was most probably the reconstruction of an earlier church. As the number of faithful grew, the church had to be extended at the end of the 16th century and its single nave was replaced by the three it has today, separated by three large granite arcades. Beyond the capitals, the building material is hidden by Baroque-style plasterwork that cover vaults and roofs. The large arcade that stands between the church and the caretaker’s house dates from the beginning of the 16th century and is finished off with a steeple that has three openings and is used as a belfry.

Some sections were extended later, as is the case of the former hospital, and others were then added on, including the sacristy, the room for votive offerings and the chapel of the Madonna.

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