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House of Carnicerías


The opening times and prices of the monuments are set by each establishment.

hought to be by Francisco de Mora, it was built between 1590 and 1591 for use as a store for selling the wine that came into the town. It was also used for the two main butcher’s shops.

The move of the main butcher’s shops led to a great amount of protest and they were returned to their original locations after a short period (Mercado Grande and Mercado Chico). In their place, the flour scales (used to control the grain and flower that came into the town) were moved there and remained in operation until the 19th century.

Its construction hindered ordinary traffic through the Gate of El Obispo, especially the cathedral chapter. The complaints led Felipe II to order, in 1597, the bricking-up of the Gate of El Obispo and the opening of a new gate through the House of Las Carnicerías, dividing the building into: one was used as a wine exchange and for the flour scales; and the other was used as an inn for judges and captains.

It is currently home to the Municipal Tourist Office and is one of the places where access can be gained to the allure of the walls.

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