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Palace of Los Superunda

+34 34 920 354 000 ext 385

Tickets and schedule



Individual: 3 €.

Reduced: 1,5 €

10 a.m. to 8 p.m

july and august from 10 am to 21 pm

Free: Tuesdays from 2pm to 4pm except public holidays and eve of public holidays. BIC monument

last access 30 minutes before closing

This construction was built in Renaissance style around 1580 by the Alderman Pedro Ochoa Aguirre. In the 20th century, it was bought by the Italian painter Guido Caprotti, who had been associated with the town since 1916.

The front is made of granite ashlar work and flanked by two towers. The ground floor has two windows that flank an entrance with a moulded lintel and door posts; and the upper floor has three balconies finished off with coats of arms. Inside, the lintelled courtyard is of particular interest thanks to its simplicity and austere decoration, together with the staircase, which has a bust of Jesus Christ thought to be by Vasco de la Zarza.

It was designated a National Monument in 1992 and has recently been restored. There are plans for it to be used as the town’s museum, with an exhibition of many of the works by the aforementioned artist.

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