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Festivals of Virgen de Sonsoles

Five kilometres from Avila we find the Santuario de Sonsoles where the image of the Virgin is venerated, mostly by the citizens of Avila and the towns of Valle Amblés. The worship of the Virgen de Sonsoles is a medieval tradition, and several miracles are attributed to her, explaining the presence of an alligator or boat in the temple and a chamber for exvotos.

On the first Sunday of July the festival of the Patron Saint is celebrated on the hermitage grounds; but the best known and most outstanding are those that take place in October; the first Sunday is the Ofrenda Chica or Sierrecilla, the second is the Ofrenda Grande or of the people of the Valle, the third is the Ofrenda de la Colilla.

Dulzainas or gaitillas (a wind instrument), tambourines, the flag game, auctions, offerings of the products of the valley, verses and folk dances are the ingredients of one of the most traditional and colourful festivities in Avila.

Ermita de Sonsoles