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Easter Holidays

Declared of International Touristic Interest,it is characterised by the sobriety and solemnity of its processions.

In addition to the processions that continue along the streets in the city from Good Friday to Resurrection Sunday, others activities of liturgical character should also be pointed out, such as the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday dawn around the wall, or the Sermon of the Seven Holy Words in Plaza del Mercado Chico. But these days other more popular traditions also live on such as the "juego de los borregos (game of the lambs)" that is played from Wednesday to Saturday in the casino of the city, where baccarat is also played, since these were the only days that the games were allowed; today some changes have been made, such as allowing women to participate which is much more in accordance with modern times.

The Romería (Pilgrimage) del Pradillo also survives and is celebrated by a procession on Resurrection Sunday in the hermitage Del Resucitado; those attending participate in popular auctions with hornazo (egg bread) and sangria (wine punch)

Semana Santa