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The Visitor Reception Centre (VRC) was opened by the Town Hall of Ávila in April 2005 to provide visitors with a reception and information service and improve their first impression of the town.

An image of quality based on amiability, good service and a warm welcome thanks to the work carried out by staff at the centre.

Created in response to visitors' new requirements, the Visitor Reception Centre (VRC) starts its process with the arrival and departure of coaches that bring tourists to the town and uses the coach parking area (Avenida de Madrid, 39) as its backbone and as the main point of arrival for most of the tourists who decide to visit Ávila.

To enable this first contact with the town, the reception centre gives visitors not only a personalised service through the tourist informers who provide the information, brochures and plans visitors need, but also the option for using information touchscreens in a variety of languages and for seeing projections of the documents available at the centre.

The services provided to visitors by the VRC also include the use of public toilets and the escalators and lift in the building, which take tourists to the town centre to start their visit.

Thanks to the options offered by the centre, which is made up of several floors, the reception service is given not only to tourists who visit the town in organised groups, but also in a more personalised way to tourists who come to the town as individual visitors.

They are given detailed information according to their individual requirements and the information covers the tourist services and infrastructures that are available:

  • The routes around the town.
  • The options available for accommodation and restaurants.
  • The cultural centres and tourist events and exhibitions in the town.
  • Information about hiring official tourist guide services.
  • All the information tourists needs for their visit to be more enjoyable.

However, although providing visitors with tourist information is the VRC's main function, it also carries out administrative work:

  • Details about the tourists who visit the town.
  • Preparing statistics and reports on visiting tourists.
  • Updating databases with the town's restaurants and hotels.
  • Processing all the requests for information received by e-mail, telephone or ordinary post.
  • Updating multimedia applications.

All these functions are carried out in a spacious, comfortable area that adapts to all kinds of tourism, as shown in the various improvements that have been made to the centre to make tourism accessible by everyone (availability of wheelchairs, models, information panels in Braille, tactile paving, etc.).

Visitor Reception Centre

Visitor Reception Centre

Visitor Reception Centre



Everydays 9.00 to 20.00 h.


Everydays 9.00 to 18.00 h.

Phone: +34 920 350 000 EXT 370